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Welcome and thanks for checking out Wall of Whitetails Taxidermy! My name is Kyle Learned and I am the sole owner taxidermist operating out of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Deer hunting has been my passion since my early years. Thankfully, my parents raised me to love and appreciate the outdoors. When my father introduced me to deer hunting as a kid, I was immediately hooked. We've been close hunting partners ever since, and continue to share that bond every season. Through the years, I was always searching for a way to incorporate my passion into my work. After making a few trips to a local taxidermist to pick up deer mounts, I began asking questions about how he started in the business. After a few discussions, he agreed to train me, working on all big game from whitetail deer to bear, antelope, sheep, elk, and moose!  In 2016, Wall of Whitetails was born, and I began taking on my own clients, which you'll see pictures of on this page. 

As with hunting, taxidermy has become my passion. Since opening shop in 2016, I've spent hours upon hours studying anatomy and learning new techniques.  In addition, I've been very active in the annual state and World taxidermy competitions where I've won a few awards, including 2020 State Champion and Best Professional deer mount at the World Taxidermy Championships in 2019.  Attending these shows has allowed me to connect and learn from some of the best known and respected taxidermists in the world.  Working and competing with these individuals has fueled my fire to become the best taxidermist that I can be.  In summer of 2018 and Winter 2020, I invested in one-on-one trainings with one of the best and most accomplished whitetail deer taxidermists in the world, Clint Rickey.  It was an incredible learning experience that I believe helped launch me into the upper echelon of taxidermists!

As those closest to me can confirm, I am highly competitive and an extreme perfectionist, which brings out the artistry in my work. I strive to make your hard-earned trophy look as life-like as possible, putting extra time and effort into the details that most others would overlook. The pieces I work on get my full attention and dedication so you can enjoy and showcase your prize for years to come!


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